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Ladies…Spring Clean Your Accessories - 18th April 2016

Finally, the season for gorgeous floral accessories is upon us. It won’t long before we’re raising that hemline, wearing skirts without tights, and throwing off that heavy winter coat.

Nowadays there’s no need to hit the high street, to find stunning accessories. You can save both time and money by shopping at Crystal Fashion Accessories. Our website is simply bursting with unique and fun ladies’ accessories, all of which are sold at bargain prices. These include hair accessories, necklaces, brooches, bags, bracelets, rings, bracelets, anklets, nose jewellery, watches, belly chains and much more.

Everything you need to embellish your natural beauty this spring. From dazzling rhine stone studs to butterfly shaped earrings, we can add some sparkle to your day for as little as £2.50. Everything channels the latest fashions and will make you look bang on-trend.

Crystal Fashion Accessories is also a treasure trove for anybody gift-buying this spring. Because our accessories are so affordable, you can easily buy multiple items for your loved-one. That also means you’ll have more money to treat them on a dinner out, during those long summer evenings.

If you want to make someone’s eyes shine this spring, how about our Star Shaped Rhinestone earrings? These pretty studs will make anyone stand out from the crowd, and will go with almost any outfit.

To explore our huge range of accessories, click here.


Update Your Accessories This Spring - 4th April 2016

With Sunday the hottest day of the year so far, now’s the time to invest in new summer accessories. It’s also the upcoming season for weddings and college proms. Finally, we can wave goodbye to the winter blues and welcome in azure skies instead.

Why not add some sparkle this spring, with Crystal Fashion Accessories?

From scintillating earrings to glistening tiaras, you’ll find a huge range of ladies’ and girls’ fashion accessories on our website.

Rated an unbeatably high 9.1 on Trust Pilot, both our products and customer service are given the seal of approval.

Whether you’re heading to a June wedding, or are spring cleaning your wardrobe, Crystal Fashion Accessories are brimming with goodies to brighten up your day.

From Aztec style necklaces to unisex sunglasses, we have everything you need for that college prom, summer holiday or relaxing at home. Both tasteful and stylish, our accessories are sold at truly epic prices but never compromise on quality.

That means you can feel and look glamorous for much less. Why not nab yourself a pair of sunglasses for only £5.00? These stylish shades are both stylish and versatile, and can be worn be either men or women.


Bodacious Wedding Bridal Jewellery - 21st March 2016

Here comes the bride…wearing beautiful jewellery, with her best girlfriends by her side!

We all remember the old rhyme from childhood, which talks about the bride being ‘fat and wide’, although the classier and more traditional version goes, ‘Here comes the bride, all dressed in light’.

Are you planning a spring or summer wedding in 2016?

Now we’re in March, we’ll soon be entering the season for weddings and proms. Hopefully the weather will be cheering up, too. At Crystal Fashion Accessories we have hundreds of scintillating, colourful and intricate accessories to complete your outfit.

Whether you going for traditional white or a floral dress, we have everything you need to make yourself shine, from glass beads and pearls to crystals, pretty pink headbands, colourful fascinators, and beautiful necklaces.

From vintage contemporary bridal jewellery to contemporary pieces, Crystal Fashion Accessories offer fun and fabulous jewellery that’s also highly affordable. And when we say ‘affordable’, we really mean it; many of our pieces are sold for less than £5.00.

You can decorate everything from your neckline to your chignon.

All you’ll need to do is pray for warm weather.

Explore our bridal collection here.


Looking For Ladies’ Gift Ideas? - 7th March 2016

Have a birthday coming up in spring?

If you’re looking for ladies’ gift ideas, buy with confidence at Crystal Fashion Accessories. We have oodles of ladies’ accessories, including hair accessories, necklaces, earrings, brooches, bags, bracelets, scarves, jewellery sets, belts, bracelet rings, make-up bags, nose jewellery, anklets, watches and belly chains.

All our pieces are bang on-trend and are sold at mind-bogglingly low prices, which makes multiple buys much easier.

If you fancy giving her a present to reflect the season, consider this red and black coloured make-up bag. Classy and sophisticated, this elegant bag costs less than £10 and can be filled with extra gifts, whether it’s jewellery, make-up or sweets.

Or prettify her ears with these dainty Rose Petal Effect Earrings. Reflecting the hopeful nature of spring, these stud earrings will put a ‘spring’ in any ladies’ step. They will finish off any outfit and are particularly ideal for spring weddings.

Simply browse our site and you’ll find limitless ideas for your loved-one. Crystal Fashion Accessories originated from a desire to sell unique and affordable costume jewellery. As if they couldn’t be more affordable, we even have sale prices on many items.


Cheap Accessories For Weddings & Proms - 22nd February 2016

Heading to a wedding or prom in spring? Perhaps you already have the dress and shoes, and are now looking for matching jewellery.

Look a million pounds, but pay less than £10, with Crystal Fashion Accessories. With our stunning array of pretty accessories, you’ll find the perfect finishing touches for any dress or hairstyle.

Our Wedding and Prom Accessories include bridal bracelets, earrings and hair accessories; necklace and earrings sets; bridal necklaces; tiaras and headbands; genuine pearl and precious stones; fascinators and hats, and bridal clip-on earrings.

Scoring 9.2 on Trust Pilot, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, quality products and speedy delivery. Our prices will make your jaw drop, especially when you see the beautiful appearance of our jewellery. Many pieces are sold for £5.00 or less, with numerous jewellery sets for less than £10. You can also get 10% off your first order (see homepage for details).

We also sell a range of gift boxes, for those giving jewellery to a loved-one. Crystal Fashion Accessories offer free delivery and free returns.

Be the belle of the ball in 2016!

To explore our Wedding and Prom accessories, click here.


Pastel Coloured Accessories For Spring - 25th January 2016

Want some razzle-dazzle for Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps you need a pick-me-up this January?

For accessories that are bang on trend, fashion-wise, delve into Crystal Fashion Accessories.

Our site is simply brimming with gems and trinkets to delight any lady or girl. From heart shaped earrings to sunglasses, bracelets and headbands, we can have you sitting pretty for any event, whether it’s a birthday, wedding or Valentine’s Dinner.

If your daughter’s birthday is coming up, there’s hundreds of accessories to brighten up her day, including scrunchies, ivory headbands, crystal hair clips, and much more- all of which are sold at amazing prices. Many of these are suitable for school or college, or any children’s party.

Our floral accessories are a great way to anticipate the coming spring, and will bring some colour to any girl’s day. These include multi-coloured flower clips, bright tone headbands, and pastel toned hairbands.

Crystal Fashion Accessories always aims to provide bargain prices on all accessories, with many items under £5. Why not buy a beautiful new bag, and fill it up for your special little girl?

Explore our range for girls here.


Ladies Fashion Gifts - 11th January 2016

Need cheering up this January?

With Christmas over, it’s easy to become doleful and wish for something sparkly, to cheer oneself up. Which is where Crystal Fashion Accessories comes in…

We are your one-stop-shop for (extremely) affordable and highly fashionable gifts.

Even if you’re left out of pocket this January, we have plenty of bargain gifts for ladies of all tastes, including hair accessories, necklaces, earrings, brooches, bags, belts, bracelets, rings, nose jewellery, watches and more.

In short, everything you need to look beautiful this winter. Among our collection you’ll find crystal heart earrings, blue scarves scattered with studs, tear drop necklaces and hundreds of other fashionable pieces. Many products are currently in our sale, including a range of rhinestone earrings. That means our drop-down prices are even more impressive.

With hundreds of products under £5, you can enjoy a guilt-free shopping experience.

Our pieces make the perfect gift for either yourself or a loved-one. Why not bring back that summer feeling, with our butterfly-shaped earrings? Currently sold for just £1.89 these pretty earrings will brighten up even the greyest day. Or our heart-shaped earrings, for only £1.79?

Bring a little sparkle to January this year.


Hunting For Cheap, But Stunning, Bridal Earrings? - 28th December 2015

Becoming a married lady in 2016? Or perhaps you know someone who is?

Spring time is a wonderful time for a wedding, when the flowers are finally returning and we get to see some blue skies. Once the excitement of Christmas is over, and the often disappointing traumas of Valentine’s Day, everybody’s ready for a good old knees-up.

Earrings are usually an essential part of any bride’s ensemble. No matter her style of dress or choice of necklace, they’re that vital finishing touch which often reflect her hair and makeup.

For the cheapest but most beautiful bridal earrings, explore our range at Crystal Fashion Accessories.

Our bridal earrings come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all extremely affordable, with many pieces sold for less than £5. Despite their price tag, nobody will ever guess how little you paid for these sparkly trinkets. Indeed, that’s the magic of Crystal Fashion Accessories: stunning jewellery at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you want pendulous earrings or studs, you’ll find them all among our collection. You might even want to get matching sets for all the bridesmaids. We also sell equally beautiful bridal necklaces, hair pieces and bracelets.

To explore our bridal earrings click here.


Looking For Affordable Gold Bridal Bracelets Online? - 14th December 2015

‘All that glitters, is not gold’.

This is especially true in the world of jewellery, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing…For centuries real gold has been prized by Egyptians and Ancient Romans alike. But nowadays, ‘fake’ gold can look as good as the real thing.

Imitation gold often looks just as beautiful, and is also much more affordable. At this time of year, gold accessories do a great of cheering us girls up.

Here at Crystal Fashion Accessories, we sell a variety of gold accessories online, including bracelets. Among our collection is a highly stylish pink enamel and gold bracelet, encrusted with sparkly crystals, which is sold for only £3.66. This bracelet will appeal to both girly-girls, and those that like pieces that are both unique and on-trend. Costing less than £5, it’s extremely affordable way to please any lady this Christmas.

Alternatively, you might be interested in our scintillating gold and red bracelet. This piece is the perfect finishing touch to any Christmas or NYE outfit. Sold for only £5.78, it’s another bargain to slip in that special stocking.

Explore our bracelets by clicking here.


Beautiful Accessories For Christmas Parties - 30th November 2015

Want to be the belle of the ball this Christmas? Or perhaps you want a beautiful surprise for somebody’s stocking?

Simply explore our treasure trove at Crystal Fashion Accessories.

From hair combs fit for a princess, to gold drop earrings encrusted with crystals, everything is sold at prices so amazing, you’ll find yourself filling up that virtual shopping basket. Many of our beautiful trinkets are sold for less than £5 and are ideal for fashion divas of all ages.

Whether you want to decorate your ears, neckline or wrists, our competitively priced jewellery won’t put your out of pocket this Christmas. Many of those pieces are embellished with crystals, which are the perfect finishing touch for any winter-themed apparel, whether it’s a dusky red dress or slinky silver gown.

You can even get 10% off your first order. Along with our drop-down prices, you could get a multitude of quality items for much less.

Simply settle down comfortably in the warmth and comfort of your home, and browse our huge range today. It certainly beats hitting those hectic high streets…


Ladies Fashion Christmas Present - 16th November 2015

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…

Yes, it’s that time of year once again, when the Coca Cola advert appears, with its brightly lit truck rushing through the trees.

Decorative chocolates, baubles and lit-up Santa Claus are already appearing in the supermarkets, and it won’t be long before markets appear in high streets, selling mulled wine, fried chestnuts and traditional festive food.

Are you buying for a female friend or relative? Want to buy online?

For ladies’ fashion Christmas presents, explore our range at Crystal Fashion Accessories this December. We have some brilliant stocking fillers to brighten up everyone’s day.

With our amazing prices, you could get a number of items for all your loved-ones. From colourful summery pieces to bring sunshine to dark winter days, to burnished gold effect necklaces, hair decorations and swanky watches, there’s everything you need for under the tree. We also have bags and jewellery sets, perfect for those Christmas and New Year parties.

All pieces have stunning details and finishing touches to make anyone feel truly special. We also sell a range of gift boxes and bags to package your present. So whether you’re buying for yourself, or a friend or relative, explore our sparkly range today.


Silver Crystal Necklace - 2nd November 2015

Looking to buy a silver crystal necklace? Many people like to add a touch of silver to their dresses at this time of year. It reflects the frost and snow and general glittery atmosphere of the season.

If you’re on a budget, there is no better place online than Crystal Fashion Accessories. Whether it’s a Christmas or birthday present, our silver crystal charm heart neck and bracelet set will add some sparkle to any Christmas stocking.

Along with this scintillating necklace, we have a range of other special but inexpensive gifts for your loved one this winter. From black velvet cameo chockers to chunky chain necklaces, our site is a treasure trove of cheap but beautiful jewellery, many pieces of which are less than £5. Our prices are so competitive you could fill up any girl’s stocking, and still have change left over.

Order with Crystal Fashion Accessories and your shopping experience is sure to be stress-free. Voted 5 stars on Trust Pilot, the quality of our products and services comes guaranteed. We also sell a range of fabulous gift boxes to make your present look extra special.

Explore our range by clicking here.


Find the Cheapest Bridal Necklaces - 19th October 2015

‘Get me to the church on time!’

Are you getting married after Halloween? Or perhaps you have a snow-themed Christmas wedding coming up? Whatever the month of choice, most brides like to adorn their neck with a special jewel. It’s the finishing touch to what’s the most special day of your life.

If you’ve spent thousands on a beautiful dress, you may not have much left in the budget for jewellery. The average wedding in the UK now costs a whopping £20,000! With the venue, food and bridesmaid dresses, it’s hardly surprising this cost racks up.

Why not let Crystal Fashion Accessories come to the rescue?

On our site you’ll find the cheapest necklaces which nonetheless never compromise on style. For less than £5 you can buy our shiny silver large crystal chain necklace, which is ideal for brides. Bringing a glint of glamour to any dress with this stunning design, your guests will be dazzled- and will never guess it was cheap.

When you shop with us, you’re guaranteed no quibbles. Just a straight-forward and fun shopping experience which won’t break the bank, including free shipping.

Explore our range by clicking here.


Ladies Gift Ideas - 5th October 2015

Most ladies love accessories, whether it’s earrings or brooches. Rather handily, they make the perfect-sized gift for a Christmas stocking. Whether your loved-one adores bright pink, glitter, roses or geometric designs, you’ll find ideas and inspiration at Crystal Fashion Accessories.

Our range of ladies accessories include bags, jewellery, hair decorations, necklace and earring sets, make-up bags, scarves and much more. Everything you need to make this Christmas sparkle like magic.

Ladies gifts cater for all styles and senses of style, from black clutch bags to rhinestone stud earrings. So whether she’s a rock chic or a beautiful bohemian, Crystal Fashion Accessories can provide gifts to suit both ladies and younger girls.

Many of our products are little treasures, which will delight anyone having a birthday, anniversary or wedding this autumn. And because our prices are so amazing, you can buy multiple items to make anyone’s day truly special.

We can also provide beautiful gift boxes and bags, ensuring any item reflects the care and forethought you have taken. These include velvet accessory bags, white gloss boxes and transparent ring display boxes.

For instant inspiration explore our range today.


Buy Silver Bridal Bracelets - 21st September 2015

Bridal jewellery always has a special significance. When you hold out your hand, to have that ring slipped on, imagine having a beautiful bracelet on your wrist. It will forever remind you of that special moment.

From serpentine bracelets to modern geometric designs, pay a visit to Crystal Fashion Accessories. From silver and gold to pearls, our jewellery is perfect for brides. Many of these are tailor-fit for autumn or winter wedding, when you need some extra sparkle. After all, those gloomy evenings demand more finesse on the jewellery-front.

Among our range of bridal bracelets, is a beautiful silver, three row crystal piece. Absolutely ideal for an ice-themed Christmas wedding.

If you buy with Crystal Fashion Accessories, you’re guaranteed the finest service and prices. With a high score on Trust Pilot, everything from our delivery to quality products, is first class. Delivery is quick and efficient, so if you have a last minute panic, we can step in.

Buy today and get free UK delivery.

Explore our range of bracelets here.


Girls Fashion Accessories - 7th September 2015

We girls love our accessories. Even when we’re really little, we love making and wearing daisy chains, Alice bands and scrunchies. Someone once said, ‘Accessories are the explanation point of a woman.’ They are what make us feel special and unique.  

If you have a little girl’s birthday approaching, explore Crystal Fashion Accessories today. We sell a huge range of girls’ accessories at incredible prices, including scrunchies, hair bands and hair clips. Pretty, intricate and colourful, they could also be the perfect stocking filler.

They’re also good for cheering up those back at school. With our colourful accessories, girls will be the most stylish in the classroom.

Among our beautiful range are some fabulous floral designs, guaranteed to brighten any winter’s day. And to remind us that summer will return (eventually)! From pastel coloured hairbands to headband and scrunchie sets, your little girl will look like a princess this autumn. With prices starting as low as £1.81 you can easily buy multiple items for Christmas.

To explore our girl’s fashion range click here.


Fashion Accessories For Ladies - 24th August 2015

Fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself. For many ladies, accessorises are integral parts of this process. They are the cherry on the cake, enhancing and completing your outfit. As Oscar de la Renta said, ‘A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories’.  

If you love accessories, the internet has opened up a world of gorgeous fashion items. If you’re looking to buy with confidence, Crystal Fashion Accessories are perfect for you. Our ladies’ accessories are beautiful, unique and of fantastic quality, without the price tag.

We have some stunning bits and pieces to complement any outfit, including necklaces, pendulous earrings, nose studs, headscarves, hair clips, bangles, make-up bags, brooches and more.

Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary, you’re guaranteed to look and feel fabulous. With Crystal Fashion Accessories, you can insert some glamour into your life, without paying extortionate prices. We currently have a number of items further reduced in our sale.

We provide 10% off your first order and free shipping. On top of that, we have monthly draws with different prizes every time. Don’t miss out!

To discover our range click here.


Girls Accessories For Prom - 10th August 2015

One of the joys of being a girl is accessorising. Even when we’re little most girls love anything with some colour or sparkle. Whether prettifying our hair, neckline or ears, it helps us feel glamorous, feminine and beautiful. Often the first items we buy as young girls is hairclips or lipstick.  

Proms and summer balls are the perfect opportunity for glamming up. No matter your dress it can benefit from accessories.

If you’re strapped for cash this summer, pay a visit to Crystal Fashion Accessories.

From pretty bows to intricate hair clips, all our accessories are highly affordable. We have a number of floral themed hair accessories, perfect for summer weddings or proms. Many of our products are under £5 and ideal for those on a budget. They’re also great for school or college days when you want some cheering up.

At Crystal we’re aware not everyone can afford to splurge, particularly when you’ve spend hundreds on a dress. With us you can get the smaller pieces you need, at a fraction of the price. Bright, fun and stylish, you’re sure to be the belle of the ball.

To check out Crystal’s range, simply click here.


Fashionable Wedding Accessories - 27th July 2015

With programmes like Don’t Tell the Bride,we all love watching people’s weddings unfold.When it’s your own wedding, however, you don’t want the kind of calamities you often see on TV. Every couple wants the venue, food, photography and clothing to be absolutely perfect.  

Whether having a traditional church wedding or something more modern, every bride in particular want the most dazzling outfit and accessories.

Once you find the perfect dress, it’s likely you’re searching for the finest finishing touches. For centuries women have understood the importance of accessorising. Given wedding dresses are usually white, the right jewellery often provides that vital sparkle the gown needs.

For delicately beautiful accessories to complement any dress, just take a look at Crystal Fashion Accessories. Our fashionable wedding accessories include gorgeous headbands, stud drop earrings, hair spinners, necklace and earring sets, flower crowns, fascinator hair clips, and much more. With a number of floral designs, our accessories are ideal for summer weddings.

Our aim is to provide unique and affordable accessories. Perfect for those wedding budgets! With quick delivery we’re great for those last minute purchases.

To take a look at our range, click here.


Girls Accessories for Prom - 13th July 2015

While we used to watch them in American movies, proms have now become a staple of most British schools. In the UK, the word ‘prom’ actually wasn’t used much before the 2000s. For those above a certain age, they were instead referred to as ‘Summer Balls’ or ‘Leaver’s Balls’. The school prom is now the highlight of the year for many school leavers. 

While some people 30 years ago don’t even remember leaving school, the experience is now much more poignant. And it’s certainly worth celebrating: having an occasion where you can say goodbye to all your classmates. In 2015 school proms are more than end-of-term discos; they are a chance to sample the celebrity lifestyle for a day. 

Whether renting or buying a dress, the costs are usually rather expensive. That’s not to mention hiring the car, paying for the ticket and buying the shoes…all of which doesn’t leave much in the budget for accessories.

If you want to look a million pounds for less, consider Crystal Fashion Accessories. We are have loads of beautiful and intricate girls’ accessories to complement any outfit. These include imitation marble drop earrings, crystal heart necklaces and gold coloured necklaces, all at incredibly low prices.

Make sure you have a fairy tale ending to the school year.

To discover our range, simply click here.



Buy Fashion Gifts Online - 29 June 2015

Is your loved one a fashion obsessive? If they have their own unique sense of style, it can make buying fashion gifts easier.

Part of fashion’s appeal is being able to project your own personality on what you wear. Fashion gifts can therefore be one of the most personalised of all presents. We’ve all gone into an accessories shop at one point and thought, ‘that’s exactly so-and-so’s style!’ Buying something you think they’ll love shows a great deal of thought and care.

If you’re looking to buy fashion gifts online, Crystal Fashion Accessories can help. We sell a huge number of fashion products, including compact mirrors, boxed gifts, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, bags, headbands, scarves, bracelet rings, belts, make-up bags and more. Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for a child, teenager or adult, you’re sure to find something suitable.

It’s been said that the difference between fashion and style is quality. With Crystal Fashion Accessories, our products are 100% quality, affordable, imaginative and unique. Perfect for buying someone a gift that’s completely original! We love looking beyond everyday styles to discover pieces which are truly special.

Discover more today by clicking here.



Cheap Accessories for Prom - 1st June 2015

The British school prom has become a rite of passage to match that of American schools. This July thousands of pupils will be dressing up for one last hurrah at their school hall. And they will all want to look their absolute best. With its red carpets and dazzling photography, school proms are an opportunity to be treated like a celebrity for a day.

Whether you're attending a school prom or a sixth form event, accessories are a must. Although most girls are willing to fork out on their dress, many can’t then afford to splurge on accessories. Unlike prom dresses, accessories will often be worn more than once. Therefore, although you may not want to spend too much, they ought to be of good quality.

If you’re looking for cheap accessories for the prom, look no further than Crystal Fashion Accessories. We sell a wide variety of gorgeous accessories at fantastically cheap prices. These include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, necklace and earring sets, bracelet rings and brooches

Accessories are often more than mere appendages: they can make or break an outfit. So whether you want to add sparkle to your hair or your neckline, take a look at our range today. We currently have sales prices on a number of items, including crystal necklaces.



Buy Ladies Winter Scarf online - 18th May 2015

Looking for a unique scarf to complement your outfit? Although it’s now summer, now is a great time to buy a winter scarf. Since they’re not in season, you’re far more likely to find some super deals.

Scarves are not only an excellent fashion accessories. They are also highly practical. As many people will testify, even in the coldest, grimmest weather we all want to look stylish. Not many ladies want to sacrifice their style by wearing a huge bulky coat. Scarves are a great way to garner extra warmth without feeling over-swaddled or restricted. Indeed, they’re so stylish, they are often the most complimented part of an outfit.

There are endless choices when it comes to scarves: colour, materials, textures, lengths…the list goes on. They are also creatively versatile. If you’re tired of wearing it round your neck, you can simply tie them to your bag or waist. And like shoes, scarves always fit no matter what. It’s no wonder many women have a large collection of this accessory in their wardrobe.

If you’re looking to buy a ladies’ winter scarf online, simply head to Crystal Fashion Accessories. We sell a truly gorgeous selection of scarves, of every colour, pattern and variety. These include bobbled scarves, flower-adorned, tasselled scarves, those with studs and gems, and much more.

To check out our range, simply click here.


 Find Cheap Accessories for Prom - 4th April 2015

With May Day now well and truly over, many pupils will be counting the days to their school prom. British proms have become more significant over the past few years. Over 95% of state schools now hold them and local dress shops tend to have a field-day this time of year. Whether you’re looking to arrive in a limo or something more unusual, like a fire engine, everybody wants to look their most glamorous.

Proms are a great time to say goodbye to your classmates and have final last hooray with your year group. With many schools now offering photo shoots, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to have a memorable portrait with your friends. You may have even already chosen your dress for this event, but the chances are you’re still looking for the perfect accessories. With many girls now paying more to impress, dress-wise, it’s best to be more cost-effective when it comes to the finishing touches.

For beautiful but cheap accessories for the prom, simply head to Crystal Fashion Accessories. No matter the colour, shape or fabric of your dress, we have accessories to complement every outfit. Not only that, we also offer 10% of your first order.

Look beautiful for less today.



Find Girls Fashion Gift Ideas Online - 20th April 2015

Do you have a fashion-loving girl with a birthday coming up? Want to find the best girls’ fashion gift ideas online?

With spring in the air and the flowers in full bloom, all girls want to look their freshest and prettiest. The best parties tend to take place in spring and summer, and there’s nothing better than wearing a colourful accessory to celebrate this. 

Fashion accessories make great cost-effective gifts for girls of all ages. There’s nothing like being embellished with a colourful new hair piece on your birthday. If you want to find the best girls’ fashion gifts, why not head to Crystal Fashion Accessories? We sell a wide variety of girls fashion gifts, including scrunchies, flower-themed hair clips, headbands, hair spring clips, pastel toned hair bands and Flower Ponio hair accessories. No matter the taste, style or preference of the birthday girl, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. 

Crystal Fashion Accessories began in the summer of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: 2012. Bringing the best value, high end jewellery and accessories to our customers online, we aim to complement outfits for all special occasions. Make your little girl feel like a princess and take a look at our range today. For more about us, take a look here.


Bridal Jewellery - 6th April 2015

Every bride wants to look picture perfect on their wedding day and be the centre of attention. Once you’ve chosen that gorgeous dress, you’ll need stunning accessories to match to add elegance to your overall outfit. Getting the final look just right is crucial, so you can walk down the aisle with confidence and feel simply beautiful.

Crystal Fashion Accessories have the most impressive range of bridal jewellery that promises to complement your wedding gowns. Whether you’re planning to wear something unusual to marry your groom in or a classic dress, there’s no doubt we’ll have the perfect jewellery pieces to add extra glamour. From subtle pearl effect earrings to sparkly diamond effect necklaces and gemstone bracelets, we specialise in affordable and quality collections.   

We know your taste and personal styles are individual which is why we have a diverse range of vintage and modern designs available. Whether you’re having the huge white wedding day of your dreams or have planned something elegant and unique, we have hand-picked our bridal jewellery to suit all types of wedding occasions. Crystal Fashion Accessories help you to turn heads for all the right reasons with our timeless and charming selection of wedding jewellery.


Wedding Bridal Tiara - 23rd March 2015

Wedding tiaras have been traditionally worn by brides for thousands of years. Not only do they make the perfect finishing touch to your bridal ensemble, bridal tiaras add timeless beauty and elegance to all wearers. 

Crystal Fashion Accessories have the most stunning range of wedding bridal tiaras and head pieces available that suit your individual taste and styles. Whether you are getting married in a vintage gown or a contemporary wedding outfit, we guarantee to have something to compliment all kinds of dresses. When the big day arrives, you’ll feel truly glamourous and special in one of our sparkly or subtle bridal tiaras that we have hand-picked with all bride personalities in mind. 

We have classic pearl effect wedding tiaras and the perfect jewellery pieces to match. If you prefer diamantes and bit of bling, Crystal Fashion Accessories have sourced the finest offerings. We even have the perfect flower tiaras and head pieces for your beautiful bridesmaids, so as you can see, we’ve taken care of everything. You’ll simply fall in love with our high-end affordable collection that is available online today. 

Buy your wedding bridal tiaras online today at http://www.crystalfashion.co.uk/


Girls Fashion Birthday Ideas - 9th March 2015

Are you looking to buy the perfect gift for that special girl in your life? Maybe you are having a birthday party and want to look gorgeous. Not only does Crystal Fashion Accessories have the best range of stunning jewellery, we have accessories that are perfect for any occasion.

From hairbands and clips to bags, belts and jewellery, we help you look and feel fabulous. Even though you may have found the perfect outfit for your birthday celebrations, every girl needs to drip with stunning fashion accessories.

Don’t worry about your outfit colour choices as Crystal Fashion Accessories always stock a wide range of products to match your individual style and personality. Our distinctive and sophisticated bangles, bracelets, brooches, earrings and necklaces, will complete the overall look of being a glamour puss. Add a cute handbag, hair band or belt and you’ll be the envy of all your guests, as we guarantee your new accessories will wow and impress.

Our stunning choice of accessories will also make the perfect gift for those looking to buy a friend or loved one something special and unique. So, whether you think your friend is worthy of a crystal necklace or your sister deserves a tiara because she’s a little princess, we have the best ideas for the lucky recipients.

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Fashionable Wedding Accessories - 23rd February 2015

There’s no doubt about it, your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life, so you need to make sure you look picture perfect. Clearly, the dress is most important but you can really make it stand out and look extra special with the help of fashionable accessories. Crystal Fashion Accessories have all those wedding essentials covered that all brides to be will simply love wearing. Whether you want something vintage and elegant or contemporary accessories that look glamourous, we have something to suit everybody. Not only do we have the ideal jewellery and hair pieces for our brides, there’s something for all those lucky to be chosen bridesmaids. Crystal Fashion Accessories has a stunning range of jewellery and hair pieces to suit any wedding colour themes.

To top off our wonder range of fashionable wedding accessories, we even have the ideal accessories for all female wedding guests. If you need a fascinator to finish of your new outfit or fancy treating yourself to a piece of pretty jewellery, we happily accommodate the whole wedding party. Delivery anywhere across the UK is free and you can be guaranteed to get the very best prices on every item.

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Gold Bridal Necklaces - 26th January 2015

Has your boyfriend finally popped the question and you’ve set the date for your big day? It’s an exciting time, but there is still plenty to do. After finding your wedding dress the next hard decision you will have is to find your jewellery. Do you choose silver or gold? At Crystal Fashion UK they provide you with a wide range of silver and gold bridal necklaces. Starting in 2012 as a small dream with a desire to bring affordable yet unique and elegant jewellery to everyone they have a wide range of jewellery to suit all tastes. Not only are they based online, they are also found on the popular social networking site Facebook where you can learn more about their range of products.

For all your jewellery and accessories search for Crystal Fashion UK. A small dream that developed making wedding jewellery affordable on a budget whilst looking elegant and stylish, this company continued to provide a friendly and accessible service for all your wedding needs, and can make sure that you have everything you need for that special occasion.


Wedding Bridal Jewellery - 12th January 2015

Choosing jewellery for a special occasion takes some serious thought, and no occasion is more special than your wedding. For the very best in wedding bridal jewellery you need to know where to look, and with many online jewellers plying their trade it can take time finding the right items. However, we believe that Crystal Fashion Accessories, a great online resource for all manner of jewellery, has a range of items that will please even the most difficult to please bride to be.

At Crystal Fashion Accessories you can find all the jewellery for the big day; from a range of bridal necklaces to a selection of beautiful bracelets, plus wonderful bridal earrings and all hair accessories, Crystal Fashion Accessories can kit you out to the full and have you looking and feeling as beautiful as a bride should be. Offering high quality items that are guaranteed to wow all who see them, this is a company that understands perfectly what a bride needs to feel and look like on her wedding day – the most special person of all.